1) What should I bring to an event?
Warm clothing! Stargazing ranges from chilly during summer to freezing in winter. Basically, dress like you would if it were snowing, then you can always adjust. If you're cold, you will not be able to enjoy the experience. Ideally, we recommend pants, close-toe shoes, socks, a jacket, a warm hat, fold out chairs to sit on, a blanket to lay on, a blanket to wrap up in, and gloves. Gear up! *At our Private Events, we'll provide chairs and blankets, and other items such as binoculars, red flash lights, and more. Just dress warm.

2) What happens if the weather is bad?
We will have alternate nights for the events if blocked due to weather. If bad weather ruins your chance to view the night sky, you can choose between attending the alternate night or receive a 100% refund.

3) Hire for weddings, parties, or other events?
Easy, contact me here with the details and I'll get back to you immediately. Or call me at 830-220-2437

4) What's the difference in a Public Event and a Private Event?
Our public events are larger star parties where you'll see 5 - 10 objects through the telescope. Your guide (me) will talk about the night sky answering any questions you have along the way. You are welcome to bring snacks and beverages.

Our Private Events are higher-end star parties with only your group. This means you have more views through the scope, more control of what we look at, and more attention to answer all your questions and curiosities. Also in this event, you'll get complimentary drinks, snacks, and hot beverages, seating and blankets provided, and much more.

5) Are children welcome?
Absolutely. At private events everything is up to you, including kids. At our public events, kids are encouraged to come and are free age 9 and under. We ask that if you do bring young children to a public event to keep in mind that our viewers are seeking a unique and peaceful experience to view the sky.

6) What kind of telescope do you use?
An Obsession 18 inch Ultra Compact. This thing is simply awesome and was created in 2017.

7) Do you offer a solar program?
Coming soon! If you are interested in a solar viewing please let me know here and we'll put an event together!

8) Is there a local Astronomy Group?
We're putting one together! If you are interested in joining, sign up here!